Security Cameras


Installing video surveillance can give added security to a home, office or business. Competitive pricing makes them one of the best solutions available.  Although the more sophisticated equipment comes with a higher price tag, any size system can offer you a greater peace of mind, knowing that your property and loved ones are safe even when you are not at home.
Now installing full HD 1080p security cameras!
On-site demonstration.

Geovision Ip CamERAs

Demo of Geovision Aurora Super Low Lux Camera.

2MP Camera Shown.

BENEFITS of DVR Camera Systems 

  1. Discourages Theft and Vandalism

  2. Monitor Employees and Staff

  3. Remote Viewing via Smartphone or Web Browser

  4. Easily Expandable and Upgradeable

  5. Online Remote Technical Support

  6. Easy to use Interface

Rack Mount PC Based 32 Camera DVR System

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