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Outdoor lighting

LED Architectual and Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Architectural:  This type of lighting illuminates the features and textures of your house.  Enhance the look and feel of your home.  

Landscape:  This type of lighting highlights trees, shrubs, rocks, and water features in your landscape. Bring them to life at night.

Whitey'S Peetza And Eatery

LED Under and Behind Bar Lighting

Retail Establishments

  • Highlight products
  • Create ambiance

Back Yard Lighting

LED Spot and Flood Fixtures

Uplighting Trees

LED Spot Fixtures

Boomerangs Bar

LED Architectural Wash Lighting

Private Residence 

LED Architectual and Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Patio

LED Color Changing Lighting

Christmas Lights 2012

Christmas Lights 2013